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Doc Savage (2013) #6 Comic Book

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Doc Savage.


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Date of Publication
May 2014
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Our Rating:
2.5 stars


Chris Roberson
Bilquis Evely
Bilquis Evely
Daniela Miwa
Alex Ross
Cover Penciler
Alex Ross
Cover Inker
Alex Ross
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

By the year 2000, the organization of Doc Savage has grown to world-wide proportions with a small army of aides ready to respond to a fully automated call center. Doc himself is in Rwanda, rescuing his aides Roughneck and Axum from rebels who recruit children as soldiers; the Man of Bronze unleashes a sonic weapon that immobilizes the baddies. 

Meanwhile, narrator Samantha (daughter of Rock and the late Torchy) stops by headquarters to see her dad while using the computer. Suddenly everything goes haywire; Happy looks into it and discovers a virus has invaded Doc’s computer systems: the call center is shut down and Doc and aides lose control of their plane and crash in the Sahara. This disaster spreads with medical procedures going wrong, planes crashing, ships sinking, everything exploding—all because Doc’s network has been compromised. Doc calls Happy and orders him shut down the entire system, blacking out the Northeastern United States, leading to panic and looting. Government agents from around the world search and the culprit is arrested—he’s a disaffected hacker in Russia who just wanted to cause chaos. Once Doc has his operation up and running again, he announces to his key team members that they must change their methods to prevent this from happening again. Samantha ends by telling us that this will lead to problems….



Peter Silvestro (June 9, 2014)
Comments: First appearance of Meles “Axum” Selassie. “Happy” van Oorschot was introduced last issue; finally the narrator gets a name: Samantha. Tamsin “Roughneck” Abbott first appeared in issue #4.

Peter Silvestro (June 9, 2014)
Review: Hmm, this issue seems to have taken a step backwards in quality for the series. It’s clearly just an elaborate set-up for a future development and the narrative here is negligible. Ho hum, Doc escapes a plane crash then spends several pages trying to find and old-fashioned plane to fly home in. The mystery villain is just a stupid hacker, which would be cool if we saw much of him; as it is he’s there for the ironic revelation and nothing more. The army of aides continues to grow but little is done with them; a sharper writer could have made them stand out in some way. The art is okay but almost completely static with a lot of talking heads standing around. Whoever wrote the solicit should be sued for making the whole thing seem more exciting than it is. Hope this is all leading somewhere.

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