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Doc Savage (1988 series) #5 Comic Book

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Burn, Savage, Burn: The Discord Makers, Part 5

Date of Publication
January 1989
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Dennis O'Neil
Rod Wigham
Steve Montano
Tony Tollin
Adam Kubert
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Shoshanna guns down an enemy agent and Ivanovitch manages to rid them of an explosive in the nick of time as Doc Savage saves Ham’s life on the operating table. Shoshanna relates to Doc and Ivanovitch the story of the alien Discord Makers, realizing she must be a descendant of the original race mated with Cro-Magnons, as are all agents of the Discord Makers. Doc denies her request to be put under restraint as a threat to the team. Putting together clues garnered from the prisoners, Doc and Ivanovitch realize that the agents of the Discord Makers are planning to sabotage a top-secret arms summit in Ning’an, China, attended by Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev. Doc and a team take the experimental aircraft to China where they are identified as hostile by U.S. Military jets and fired upon; they are saved only by Doc’s quick maneuvering. When they land in Ning’an, Doc, Shoshanna and Ivanovitch are taken prisoner while the guards await orders. However, an American captain, under the power of the Discord Makers, destroys the message from Chip notifying them of Doc’s mission and sets fire to the shed Doc and company are locked in.



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
a) For the first time the cover features neither Doc nor Chip; Anton Ivanovitch is the person so favored; b) proof that Doc Savage really is a genius—he’s managed to absorb forty years of medical advances in the year since his return; c) reference to Reagan as the “retiring” President establishes this story as taking place in late 1988; d) the Fortress of Solitude is described as being in Antarctica; c) issue lacks the letters column.

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By Peter Silvestro
Here’s where the story comes together as Shoshanna unravels the secret of her alien heritage and Doc divines their intentions, sending the plot hurtling toward the climax. Chip is now established as a member of Doc’s team, rather than merely the family dissenter, following but respectfully protesting. With Chip’s attitude placed alongside the older aides’ adulation and Shoshanna’s more tempered admiration (Bo doesn’t say much), the group dynamic is nicely laid out. And Doc Savage is clearly a leader, who knows how to handle not just himself but a unified fighting force, as shown by his restoration of Shoshanna to the unit. Love that splash panel!

Score: 3 (out of 5)