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Doc Savage (1988 series) #10 Comic Book

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The Golden War! Part 2

Date of Publication
July 1989
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Mike W. Barr
Rod Wigham
Steve Montano
Tony Tollin
Andy Kubert
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Monja explains to Doc that, after his disappearance, she led the aides to believe she had died but had actually returned to her native land to mourn. Now, with her land threatened, she has assembled the warriors to fight for their country. Meanwhile, the Son of the Feathered Serpent explains to the captive Beau and Anton his plot to seize power in Hidalgo. Shoshanna and Pam intervene but Beau and Anton are thrown into a deadly snake pit. When Doc arrives he rescues the men and saves their lives with an experimental anti-venom apparatus. The Son of the Feathered Serpent tells his ally King Pomor to prepare for the attack on the next day; Princess Kalif overhears and goes to warn Doc but only manages to contact Beau and Anton. Meanwhile, Doc has warned President Cristobal of the impending assault and on the morrow the Hidalgan military is prepared for battle on the outskirts of the capital. The battle is joined but the invulnerable gold weapons of the enemy are unstoppable, though the warriors, using the Red Death as a weapon, and some valiant maneuvers by Doc’s team make the going difficult. When the Golden God enters the fray, Doc appears with a newly-created sonic disruptor which causes the Golden God’s armor to crumble, revealing the villain to be Pablo Valdez, the Secretary of the Interior. With the new weapon the enemy is routed but the fleeing Son of the Feathered Serpent shoots Monja, who dies in Doc’s arms. The mastermind then kills himself to avoid capture, and is unmasked as Luis Delgado, the Hidalgan ambassador. Kalif is crowned queen, and as the team prepares to leave for home, Doc Savage makes a shocking announcement: he is taking Monja’s body back to the States—to restore her to life.



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
a) Doc and Pam are clearly shown to have golden eyes; b) the American general quoted by President Cristobal on page 16 is Anthony J. McAuliffe, whose reply to the German demand for surrender at the Battle of the Bulge was, “Nuts!” c) colorist’s error continued: the red-fingered warriors’ fingers aren’t red, even thought they are described as such; d) Chip is again on the cover but not in the issue; e) issue includes a letters column; f) also published this month: Doc Savage Annual 1.

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By Peter Silvestro
The big surprise of the issue, the return of Princess Monja, is handled nicely, with the scenes of “Doc in love” providing a new facet to the familiar character, all the more effective for being underplayed. The bulk of the issue is devoted to battle scenes, handled nicely by both writer and artists. Overall: the story is no great shakes but a competent echo of the pulps, heavy on plot and light on characterization.

Score: 3 (out of 5)