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"Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, Doom Dynasty" Comic Book

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Millennium's second Doc Savage miniseries gives us an unprecedented look at Doc's grandfather.

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Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, Doom Dynasty #2 cover

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Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, Doom Dynasty #2


"Doom Dynasty: Chapter Two"

Date of Publication:
July 1992

Terry Collins (Writer), Mike Wieringo (Penciler), Marcus Rollie (Inker), Marcus Rollie (Colorist), Brian Stelfreeze (Cover Penciler)

3 stars

Doc Savage, disguised as a Cossack, rescues his men from the Cossacks but in the melee which follows Dr. Nikola captures Ham and forces Doc to surrender by a threat to his aide. Doc and Ham are suspended by their thumbs while Nikola gloats over his plans to spread a new version of the plague throughout Africa by means of infected apes. He relates how Doc’s grandfather, Colonel Richard Henry Savage likewise interfered with his plans forty years earlier. Col. Savage had forced Nikola’s assistant Li to take him to Nikola’s secret lair, where he learned he had been financing a plot to spread the plague throughout the world.  Nikola then injected Col. Savage with the plague and locked him in a cell. Li came to Savage and explained that she had substituted a simple sedative in the hypo and then gave him a sample of the virus and the only copy of the formula. She revealed that she was the unwilling assistant to the villain and helped Savage escape. His departure was noticed and in the ensuing confrontation, Nikola was severely burned by a chemical fire. An experimental drug based on siliphium healed him and retarded the aging process, allowing him to take revenge on Savage, killing him the day his grandson was born. Now after forty years, Nikola has recreated the formula and unleashes an infected ape on the Man of Bronze. Even with his hands tied Doc manages to kill the ape with a leg hold as Monk and Renny arrive to free them. Doc and his men confront Nikola and his men, with the standoff being broken when Nikola is bitten by his pet cat Hecate, infected with the plague by an embittered Li, following what she learned from the heroic Col. Savage. Nikola dies gruesomely, ending the threat. Doc adds his father’s journal to his private museum, rededicating himself to his father’s ideals of justice. 

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