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"First Wave" Comic Book

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Doc Savage! Batman! The Spirit! The Avenger! Imagine an alternate universe in which pulp adventurers, not superheroes, protect the world. That's the premise of this six-part miniseries, setting up a new DC milieu.

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First Wave #6 cover

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First Wave #6


"First Wave: Conclusion"

Date of Publication:
March 2011

Brian Azzarello (Writer), Rags Morales (Penciler), Rags Morales (Inker), Nei Ruffino (Colorist), J. G. Jones (Cover Penciler), J. G. Jones (Cover Inker), J. G. Jones (Cover Colorist)

3 stars

In the room holding his father’s coffin, Doc Savage battles the giant robot Ferrios...Renny, rescued by the Blackhawks, examines the disc stolen from Anton Colossi and discovers that it contains the program for a tsunami generator…The Spirit, Rima, Cheng, and Johnny Littlejohn are imprisoned in a pit on Neolantis facing a giant lizard. Cheng pushes the immobilized Spirit and Rima to safety while he and Johnny deal with the monster. Johnny uses the bamboo spike that secured the Blackhawk’s arms to put out the creature’s eye and the two use the frames holding the other two as a makeshift ladder to escape the pit, leading the enraged lizard after them….

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