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First Wave #1 Comic Book

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Anton Colossi, Blackhawks, Doc Savage, Ferrios, Ham Brooks, John Sunlight, Johnny Littlejohn, Long Tom Roberts, Monk Mayfair, Renny Renwick, Rima the Jungle Girl, Spirit.


First Wave: Book One

Date of Publication
March 2010
Cover Price

Our Rating:
4 stars


Brian Azzarello
Rags Morales
Rags Morales
Nei Ruffino
J. G. Jones
Cover Penciler
J. G. Jones
Cover Inker
Moose Baumann
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

In a remote jungle area of South America William Harper Littlejohn is running for his life; he is captured by a huge robot which calmly puts out his left eye with a metal finger. Before the giant can do further harm, a flock of birds distracts it, and Littlejohn is snatched away by a mysterious woman.

In New York, Doc Savage’s aides and the press are gathered near the grave of Clark Savage, Sr. awaiting the arrival of the famous Doc Savage, who was at his remote Fortress of Solitude when his father died. When the Man of Bronze appears, he is harassed by tabloid reporter Jay Denton demanding an inside scoop. After briefly paying his respects, Doc asks Ham Brooks to file the paperwork to have the body exhumed for examination.

In Wildwood Cemetery in Central City, The Spirit is awakened by Commissioner Dolan who gives him a tip on a wanted man arriving on a steamer at midnight for a rendezvous at the stockyards. The Spirit questions Dolan’s motives in telling him, but plans to be there anyway….

Jay Denton’s column takes Doc to task for his callous performance at the gravesite. Doc examines opens his father’s coffin to perform a more detailed autopsy and gets a surprise: the casket is filled with bags of gold dust, each stained with a bloody handprint. At Coney Island, the criminal mastermind John Sunlight receives a report from his men that William Littlejohn escaped from the island project but Anton Colossi is on his trail….

In South America, Colossi, accompanied by a force of Red Hand natives and the giant robot Ferrios, is questioning a village chief. When told that Littlejohn was carried off by Rima the Soul of the Jungle, Colossi responds by ordering the Red Hand to destroy the village, leaving one child alive to bear witness. From a distance, Rima watches the holocaust in shock.

At the Central City Stockyards, The Spirit stows away on the truck, finding a coffin inside. Arriving at their destination, The Spirit overpowers the two drivers and then sees that he is at the airport, face to face with the new Blackhawks....

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By Peter Silvestro

The miniseries kicks off with more action than in the BATMAN/DOC teaser, and has a lot more forward momentum than the previous work did. Azzarello does a good job of capturing Doc Savage and his world (what little we see of it) and I didn’t expect a return to the events of THE MAN OF BRONZE. His Spirit is not quite right, though: no writer has ever managed to capture the unique blend of comedy and noir that Will Eisner infused into his creation and this is no exception: he seem more a typical 1940’s private eye with a lot of talk about being dead; the chief disappointment is that the beloved Commissioner Dolan is portrayed as a crooked cop, probably to increase the noir aspects but ending up an affront to Eisner fans. Morales’ art is good, more realistic than Noto’s with (nice touch) The Spirit’s section a little more cartoon-like than Doc’s. Surprising move: introducing Doc’s sole archenemy, John Sunlight, this early in the proceedings; one would have expected more of a buildup. The biggest surprise, however: no Batman. The new version of DC’s star character, included as a stand-in for The Shadow, is a complete no-show, leaving the reader to get used to Doc and The Spirit; nice move, as it keeps the title from being just another Batman Elseworlds; the issue falls out about 70% Doc and 30% Spirit.

Verdict: Can’t wait for issue 2.

Score: 4 (out of 5)