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"Doc Savage: the Spiders Web" Comic Book

End of publication: 4/1/2016

Book Description

Follow-up miniseries from Dynamite Comics has Doc Savage discovering that a recent disaster has unseen connections to several of his past adventures, hinting at a grander conspiracy than he had imagined.

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Doc Savage: the Spiders Web #5 cover

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Doc Savage: the Spiders Web #5


"(No title given)"

Date of Publication:
April 2016

Chris Roberson (Writer)

3.5 stars

Doc Savage and his team use glider outfits to reach the secret entrance to Arachne''s mountain headquarters. Doc enters alone, takes down several guards, and comes face-to-face with the criminal mastermind Peter Omphalos Weaver. Weaver, stricken with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and confined to a wheelchair, vowed revenge against Doc Savage when he witnessed his father''s death at the hands of the Man of Bronze as a child (issue #1 flashback); despite his degenerative disease, he built a secret cadre of industrialists called Arachne and created a global criminal organization. Weaver also reveals that he was behind many of the threats faced by Doc Savage over the years (see the original Dynamite series), using an army of mind-controlled minions. And now Doc informs him that his team has infiltrated the building, uncovered a complete list of all Weaver''s agents and their locations, shut down his communications hub, and has distributed the list to Doc''s worldwide organization who are capturing all Arachne agents, seizing assets, and destroying munitions. And Weaver, despite his vows of vengeance, is going to be locked away for a long time.   

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