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Doc Savage (1988 series) #11 Comic Book

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Resurrection Night!: Sunlight Rising, Part 1

Date of Publication
August 1989
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Mike W. Barr
Rod Wigham
Steve Montano
Tony Tollin
Adam Kubert
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Doc Savage arrives in New York with the preserved body of his wife Monja; object: to restore her to life using an updated version of methods devised in 1936. As Doc researches, events move quickly elsewhere in the world: the mummified corpse and journal of arch-villain John Sunlight come into the hands of Grasp, a European criminal. Needing funds, Grasp contacts an old friend, Swedish industrialist Anders Holstrum and tells him of the hidden cache of weapons Sunlight stole from Doc Savage that were never recovered. Holstrum, coveting the technology for his firm (and to please his demanding father, the CEO), enlists the aid of company researcher Dr Lundquist. To gain access to Doc’s files, Grasp, Holstrum and henchmen capture Long Tom and hack into Doc’s computer from the aide’s apartment. Interrupted by the arrival of the other aides, Grasp escapes with the files, killing his hirelings to prevent their talking, to Holstrum’s horror. Doc decides to depart for his Fortress of Solitude; Grasp, discovering the resurrection formula, also plans an assault on Doc’s base. The invasion is successful because the villains manage to capture Monja’s body. Doc and his aides are imprisoned and Lundquist uses Doc’s own methods to resurrect John Sunlight.



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
a) The splash panel is designed to resemble James Bama’s cover for the Bantam reprint of Resurrection Day; with Doc looking a bit like Boris Karloff; b) story features a rare look at an unshaven Doc; c) the story includes bibliographic references to its parent stories, RESURRECTION DAY, FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE, and THE DEVIL GENGHIS; d) it isn’t clear what John Sunlight did to get him branded a terrorist, since he was more a would-be world conqueror; e) is that Chip on the cover? When are they going to get around to telling the Kuberts that he’s not in the picture anymore?; f) issue includes a letters column.

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By Peter Silvestro
The story every fan has been waiting for—the return of John Sunlight—but no company has gotten to until now, kicks off on a somber note. The story is clearly inspired by Dent’s RESURRECTION DAY but seems less like a rehash than “The Golden God” despite the similar plot arc, because for one, this time it really is personal, with unnerving glimpses of a obsessed Doc, as well as the prospect of the old villain’s return. Barr attempts to add some interesting characterization, such as having two of the baddies, Holstrum and Lundquist, be dedicated people reluctantly drawn into sacrificing their principles, and Anton is shown frequently questioning Doc (though nothing comes of it, at least in this story arc). Some nice artistic moments include the homage to James Bama in the splash page and the parallels in the computer battle on page 13. Chief art oddity: the original aides are looking younger than ever. The big question now is, “Will Sunlight live up to expectations?”

Score: 3 (out of 5)