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Missing Comic Book Synopses


Covers of miscellaneous comics Hi. This is Julio from the Marvel Heroes Library.

Here at the Superhero Libraries, we strive to index every single comic book appearance of our main characters (like Hulk and Thor).

With more than 5,000 comics in our database, and adding new ones every week FOR TWO DECADES (and counting), we could state that we have practically achieved that ambitious goal.

However, our intention is more than just listing comics: It is to write a detailed synopsis of each and every story in those comics.

Today, I'm inviting YOU to become part of the Superhero Libraries family by writing some missing synopses.

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Comics That Need A Synopsis

The Doc Savage Library requires synopses for the following comics:
Comics published 3 months ago or older. Click covers or issue numbers for details.

Cover of FWAVES #1
First Wave Special
TOTAL: 1 missing comic book synopses.

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