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"Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze (1991 series)" Comic Book

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Millennium published Doc Savage in a run of mini-series that many consider the most faithful portrayal of the character. This is the first.

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Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze (1991 series) #4 cover

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Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze (1991 series) #4


"The Monarch of Armageddon: Chapter Four"

Date of Publication:
May 1992

Mark Ellis (Writer), Darryl Banks (Penciler), Robert Lewis (Inker), Deirdre DeLay (Colorist), Brian Stelfreeze (Cover Penciler)

3 stars

On their way to Thule in the Helldiver, Doc Savage and his men find John Sunlight’s boat adrift, with dead Nazi sailors aboard, the crew of a German U-Boat hijacked by Sunlight. As they continue, Doc explains about Thule, the mythical home of an Aryan super-race which inspired the myths of the Norse gods; the Thule Society is a Nazi occult group that seeks to ally themselves with the master race they consider their ancestors, and John Sunlight hopes to exploit that alliance for his own purpose. Savage, Sunlight, and Breeze Castigleone all arrive at the island of Thule about the same time. Doc and his men discover an underwater passage that takes them to the fantastic underground city. Doc and his aides are captured and ushered into the presence of the Thulian King Wothenjaz and reunited with Pat. Doc warns the Thulians about both the Nazis and Sunlight but debate is not their way. Instead Doc must face Xauz, Sunlight’s champion, in mortal combat. The contest is a brutal one and is broken up only by the arrival of Breeze Castigleone and his men, planning to take over. When Xauz orders the gangster out, Castigleone shoots the giant Thulian in the head. At this the Thulians rise up against the invaders. Renny pursues Castigleone and sends the gangster flying into a giant exhaust fan, with grisly results. Doc Savage corners John Sunlight on a precipice and, rather than be captured, the villain hurls himself into the sea below. The Thulians order the outlanders to leave, and Doc decides to return to his original vocation of healer, starting with Princess Monja’s broken heart.

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