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Extremely hard-to-find one-shot from a little-known publisher.

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Doc Savage (1979 series) #1 cover

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Doc Savage (1979 series) #1


"The Man of Bronze"

Date of Publication:
March 1979

Lester Dent (Writer), Horace J. Elias (Writer), Maurice Whitman (Penciler), Maurice Whitman (Inker), James Bama (Cover Penciler), James Bama (Cover Inker), James Bama (Cover Colorist)

3 stars

Doc Savage assembles his friends to inform them his father has died from a mysterious illness. As they look into the matter of his legacy, they are fired upon by a Mayan warrior. A chase leads to the assassin’s suicide. Doc’s father’s papers grant him title to a plot of land in Central America and the contents thereof. Doc and his aides fly to Hidalgo, facing threats and challenges on the way. There, Doc discovers his chief nemesis, and the one who killed his father with the Red Death, is a revolutionary who covets the gold of the mysterious lost valley to finance his scheme of taking over the government. Doc and his men enter the forbidding Valley of the Vanished to find a perfectly preserved Mayan civilization, ruled over by the kindly King Chaac and his daughter Princess Monja. The valley’s gold is Doc’s legacy should he prove himself worthy. Doc is opposed by the Mayan warriors who are in the service of the villain, who is impersonating the son of their god, the Feathered Serpent. The mastermind uses the Red Death to infect the natives through the water supply but Doc finds a cure, leading to Doc and his men being adopted into the tribe. As his last violent effort to get his hands on the gold, the enemy supplies the warriors with modern weapons, besieging Doc’s team inside the pyramid. The Man of Bronze whips up some gunpowder and the aides fight back with homemade bombs, vanquishing the warriors. The Son of Feathered Serpent leaps to his death in a chasm to escape capture. Doc is declared worthy of the gold, which he vows to uses to further his crusade against evil; he departs for home, to the dismay of the smitten Princess Monja.

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