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"Doc Savage (1987 series)" Comic Book

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DC's first Doc Savage presentation brought the Man of Bronze into the modern era, to team up with his own grandson.

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Doc Savage (1987 series) #4 cover

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Doc Savage (1987 series) #4


"Secret Of The Twin Towers (The Heritage of Doc Savage: Part 4)"

Date of Publication:
February 1988

Dennis O'Neil (Writer), Adam Kubert (Penciler), Andy Kubert (Inker), Petra Scotese (Colorist), Adam Kubert (Cover Penciler)

3 stars

The newly-returned Doc Savage slowly regains lucidity and is given a hasty recap of the situation. Doc devises a way for them to escape and the team heads back to the civilization. Grandfather and grandson clash over the ethics of Doc’s goals, and Shoshanna tries to persuade Chip to moderate his self-righteousness but to no avail: the young man departs on his own. Looking over the contents of Heinz Wessel’s hideout, Doc determines that the madman is planning to convert the World Trade Center and Empire State Building into a giant matter transmitter to eliminate the entire human race. The heroes arrive in New York to find the Nazis already in control. Doc must climb the outside of the building to reach the foe, and Chip suddenly arrives to volunteer to accompany him. On the long climb, the two Savages come to a tentative truce about their differing philosophies, and at the top engage the enemy. Chip saves Doc’s life when the latter disorients from his earlier experience, and Wessel is defeated. Doc considers killing Wessel to end his threat but Chip counsels a non-violent solution: sending the Nazi to the stars via the transporter. In an epilogue, Doc Savage visits Long Tom in his monastery, revealing that he knows it was Long Tom who betrayed them to the Nazis in 1945, and offering the forgiveness his former aide has been searching for.

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