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Justice, Inc. #5 Comic Book

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Voodoo Master.


Chapter Five: War of the Worlds!

Date of Publication
December 2014
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Our Rating:
4 stars


Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Doc Savage is hurtling to his doom, having been thrown from the Shadow’s stolen auto-gyro by the evil John Sunlight. Doc catches onto the various letters of a vertical lighted sign, slowing his fall to the roof, where he ends up stunned but not dead….

The Shadow takes the Avenger to his secret sanctum atop the Empire State Building where they are met by Margo Lane and Patricia Savage. Shadow presents Benson with a Kevlar suit made for him by Dr. Tesla. The mystery man also reveals that the third villain, the unknown Elsie, is really "L.C."—Lamont Cranston, who has sold out the Shadow’s network of agents under the hypnotic control of Dr. Mocquino, the Voodoo Master. The Shadow and Margo are heading to the House of Horrors in Chinatown to find Mocquino who will lead them to Cranston. The Avenger and Pat Savage will go to Hallibenson in search of his missing family…..

At Hallibenson, Benson captures the executive named Lester and shifts his face so that he can take his place in a meeting with Walter and Ernst. There the Avenger learns that the villains are going to sell Benson’s atomic secrets to the Nazis—and that his wife and child are dead. Afterward, Benson takes the place of the exec’s chauffeur and threatens Lester with death if he does not accompany them wearing a wire to record the crooked conversation…..

In Chinatown the Voodoo Master is joined by John Sunlight as he awaits the arrival of the Shadow. The cloaked hero materializes out of the darkness and snatches away the UQM—but then he and Margo walk into a trap where Shadow is surrounded by mirrors distracting him as to Mocquino’s whereabouts, allowing the villain to hypnotize him. Sunlight and Mocquino take back the UQM and depart for their lighthouse rendezvous, leaving the ninjas to execute the Shadow and Margo. Suddenly Doc Savage crashes into the room and takes down all the killers in a whirlwind of bronze, rescuing the Shadow….

On the way to the lighthouse, Walter discovers that Lester is wearing a wire; he tries to rip it off but it electrocutes the hapless Lester. The chauffeur reveals himself to be Richard Henry Benson, there to avenge his wife and child by turning the baddie over to the police. Walter, fearing execution, tries to flee but he stumbles, plunging to his death over a cliff….

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