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Doc Savage Profile

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Doc Savage
Name: Doc Savage
Full Name: Clark Savage, Jr.
Aliases: The Man of Bronze
Place of Birth: Bahamas
Identity: Publicly known
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: Single (probably)
Height: 6' 8" (2 m)
Weight: 270 lb (122 Kg)
Eye Color: Light brown with golden flecks
Hair Color: Bronze with auburn highlights
Occupation: Surgeon/scientist/adventurer
First Appearance: DS #1
Known Relatives: Clark Savage Sr. (father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased), Alexander Savage (uncle, deceased), Patricia Savage (cousin).
Group Affiliations: Heads own team of adventurers.
Education: Multiple degrees in every field of knowledge.
Doc Savage


Doc Savage is a mental marvel, trained in every field of knowledge. His primary field of achievement is surgery but he is also proficient in all the sciences, including chemistry, electricity, botany, geology, physics, psychology, and more. He is the designer of all of his weapons and equipment. He is fluent in all known languages, and a few unknown, and expert at making and breaking codes.

Doc Savage is also a physical superman, with perfect muscular development and great strength and endurance. He is a master of all known martial arts and an expert marksman, though he prefers not to use a gun. He has been known to kill a polar bear and knock out a shark with his bare hands. He can scale a wall like a human fly, walk a tightrope, and hold his breath for a record time.

Additional Abilities

His practical knowledge covers many areas as well: he is an expert voice mimic and master of disguise, a ventriloquist, a crack pilot, and a trained hypnotist. His woodcraft skills include tracking and moving silently through forests, including high in the trees like Tarzan. He can pick locks and crack safes like a pro. Is there anything Doc Savage can’t do? Yes. He can’t dance and he can’t cook.

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