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Doc Savage Special (2014 series) #1 Comic Book

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Woman of Bronze

Date of Publication
December 2014
Cover Price

Our Rating:
4 stars


Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Pat Savage, her shirt in shreds, refuses to hand over the little girl given into her keeping. The trio of ninjas attacks and she turns into a bronze whirlwind taking them down. One assailant dashes off with the girl and another takes her by the throat—she removes an earring and shocks the baddie with a literal electric charge. She demands to know where his partner is taking the girl….

Two days earlier, Pat was at her swanky beauty parlor Patricia’s when a snooty customer objected to an African America woman working on her hair. Pat ordered the lady out and apologized to her staffer A’Lelia. Her cousin Doc Savage arrives to ask a favor: robotics expert Cheh Fu-Sheng is in town for a symposium and could Pat watch his nine-year-old daughter Mae? Pat objects to babysitting but Doc pleads that Mae speaks only Chinese (which Pat knows) and blackmails her with the knowledge that she has pilfered a small electrical device from his lab. Pat swiftly agrees….

The next day, Pat is introduced to the Professor and Mae. Cheh mentions that his daughter has been traumatized since her mother’s death during the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. Pat greets Mae warmly and they head out. Mae doesn’t talk much so Pat does all the talking for both of them as they visit the zoo and stop by her beauty salon. Suddenly the place is full of ninjas and Japanese agents wanting the little girl. A’Lelia’s cousin Amos who was waiting for her jumps into the battle. Pat and Mae, A’Leila and Amos take off in his car and head for Doc’s headquarters. There they discover the Man of Bronze dying from a neurotoxin. The villains arrive and Pat grabs the girl and slides down an elevator shaft by the cable. Exiting at a lower floor, they run into the bad guys—which is where we came in. Now we find that, having vanquished most of the enemy, she is struck from behind. Her head proves too hard so she soon awakens to A’Lelia’s face; Amos took Doc to the hospital. Pat and A’Lelia take one of Doc’s planes (both can fly one) and locate the villains’ ship at sea. Pat parachutes down, fights her way through an army of tough guys to reach the room where Cheh and Mae are being held; Pat finds the professor in teas and discovers…that Mae is a robot. The real Mae had died with her mother and Cheh saw the creation of a robot double as a means of keeping her "alive." Now Cheh reveals that he has set the ship’s power system to overload and he chooses to let his work die with him. Pat dives overboard as the ship explodes and is picked up by A’Lelia….

Later Pat visits Doc in the hospital and he tells her she has earned a place on his team.

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