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"Doc Savage Magazine (1975 series)" Comic Book

End of publication: 3/1/1977

Book Description

Marvel's second Doc Savage title was a large-format black-and-white magazine featuring all-new stories.

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Doc Savage Magazine (1975 series) #8 cover

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Book name / Issue number:

Doc Savage Magazine (1975 series) #8


"The Crimson Plague"

Date of Publication:
March 1977

Doug Moench (Writer), Ernie Chan (Penciler), Ernie Chan (Inker), Ken Barr (Cover Penciler)

3 stars

Doc Savage returns from a funeral in Acapulco to tell his aides of an amazing incident: he had gone there in response to a summons from a friend, biologist Miguel Hernandez. He found Hernandez wandering the streets, his mind erased. Doc returned Hernandez to his home where they were attacked by a huge glowing tentacled creature which paralyzed Doc and killed the unfortunate biologist before vanishing. Next, a similar event happens to physicist Scott Merrill in New York except that the police are able to drive off the monster and save his life. Doc listens to the man’s muttering about an “octo-brain” and an impending horror in London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Renny has been offered a screen test by a movie studio and has gone to Hollywood accompanied by Ham as his agent. Doc hurriedly contacts them by phone only to hear Renny and Ham overpowered and abducted by a gang. Doc pieces together a plot against great scientists and he and his men split up to investigate further. Long Tom and Johnny fly to the London observatory of astronomer Winston Veldt and manage to defeat a gang bent on kidnapping the scientist, then eluding a pursuing aircraft as they bring Veldt back to New York for his protection. Monk goes to Paris to contact botanist Francois Lemonde but both he and the scientist are captured by the enemy. In Hollywood Doc visits the movie studio but its leader Randolph Dorn tells him Renny never arrived. After Long Tom reveals to Doc that he knew his attackers were stuntmen by their movie lingo, Doc returns to the studio for a light-night visit. After fighting off the thugs and releasing Monk from a cell, Doc confronts Randolph Dorn, who is draining the minds of scientists into his brain-bank with a fantastic device. Linked to the machine, the megalomaniacal Dorn is bigger, stronger and smarter than Doc Savage, and intends to add the mind of the Man of Bronze to his collection. Doc uses judo to hurl the villain into his bizarre device and it explodes, killing him. In the hospital Doc manages to restore the intellects of the captured scientists.

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