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Doc Savage: The Curse of the Fire God #2 Comic Book

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Curse of the Fire God, Part Two

Date of Publication
October 1995
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Steve Vance
Pat Broderick
Tom Simmons
Dave Nestelle
Gary Gianni
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Pat Savage awakens aboard a plane bound for South America where, her captors tell her, she will be sacrificed to Kuchulkan. Back in New York, Doc Savage, with Monk, Ham, and Long Tom, readies a plane to attempt a rescue but shortly after take-off the plane is attacked by the flaming serpents and destroyed. Renny, in Delezon, discovers followers of Kuchulkan carrying off the unconscious Johnny from the hospital and is beaten senseless. When he awakens he learns from President Diaz that the two foreign dignitaries have been similarly kidnapped. Meanwhile, Doc’s aides are on the way, Doc having sent up a remote-controlled plane as a decoy. Doc himself has gone to a refueling station in Miami, and sneaks aboard the villains’ plane when they make a stopover. Later, Pat manages to loose her bonds and fight off her captors, with Doc suddenly arriving to rescue her from a gunshot. The gun battle in the enclosed space ends with Doc grabbing Pat and leaping overboard.



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
Additional Credit: writer Steve Vance also served as breakdown artist. a) Monk, Ham, and Long Tom are formally introduced to the reader; b) the origins of the nicknames for the three are also related, in a rare move; c) Chemistry does not appear in this issue despite showing up suddenly in issue #3.

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By Peter Silvestro
This issue is chiefly one long chase scene, leading up to a big fight scene. Fortunately the battle in a small airplane is beautifully illustrated, with a “hold-on-to-your-hats” final panel to excite our interest.

Score: 3 (out of 5)