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"Shadow and Doc Savage, The" Comic Book

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Dark Horse kicked off their new series for the two greatest pulp heroes, Doc Savage and the Shadow, with this two-issue miniseries teaming them.

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Shadow and Doc Savage, The #2 cover

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Shadow and Doc Savage, The #2


"The Case of the Shrieking Skeletons [Part Two]"

Date of Publication:
August 1995

Steve Vance (Writer), Stan Manoukian (Penciler), Vince Roucher (Inker), James Sinclair (Colorist), Dave Stevens (Cover Penciler)

3 stars

Doc Savage does what he can to assist the injured at the site of the Hindenburg disaster. Meanwhile on the ground, the Nazi Parseval is captured by the villain’s henchmen and, arriving at their Bowery hideout, overpowers his captors and reveals himself to be the Shadow in disguise. Doc Savage soon arrives on the scene, having traced the car by an infra-red dye he had sprayed on it back at the airport. Inside the hideout, Doc and the Shadow battle in the dark until they are interrupted by the masked mastermind, who has Bernie, Monk, Ham, and the Shadow’s driver Shrevvy as hostages. The captured heroes are put in with Dr. Reinstein who explains his work on a super-soldier serum which the Nazis coveted. In America, he fell into the clutches of the mastermind who turned the serum to criminal purposes: it transforms men into huge brutish monsters, but after a short time they decay into insane skeleton-men and die. The entire group is then surprised by the arrival of the genuine Parseval and the Nazi agent Krell (who had impersonated the Shadow in the previous issue). The Nazis lock up Doc and the Shadow and give the hoods orders to kill them, while Parseval leaves with the prisoners and the serum. Doc frees himself and the Shadow by means of thermite chemical concealed in his shoes and a false tooth, and, escaping the bomb the Nazis left behind, pursue the Nazi plane in an autogyro. Boarding the craft, Doc fights the monster-men while the Shadow engages the Nazis in gunplay. When the villains get the upper hand, Paul Veidt injects himself with the last of the serum, turns into a monster and grabs the remaining Nazis and leaps from the plane to their deaths. On the ground, Doc cautions his men not to tell Bernice that Paul was the mastermind behind the monster-men since he redeemed himself at the end. He also directs Dr. Reinstein to a secret government project, and their only regret is that the Nazi agent Krell escaped. Later, Doc and his men arrive at their headquarters to find Krell, bound and gagged, a parting gift from the Shadow.

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