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Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire #2 Comic Book

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Chapter Two: Across the Pacific!

Date of Publication
April 2017
Cover Price

Our Rating:
4 stars


David Avallone
Dave Acosta
Dave Acosta
Morgan Hickman
Brent Schoonover
Cover Penciler
Brent Schoonover
Cover Inker
Brent Schoonover
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Doc Savage and his crew approach Palmyra Island by plane and see an American warship engaging a sinister submarine. Doc dons diving gear and parachutes to the sub. Forcing his way in, he makes short work of the crew and scuttles the craft, rescuing only the captain....

Interlude: Renny and Long Tom are in Doc's submarine Helldiver on their way to join him when the learn that Pat Savage is also heading that way, against Doc's orders....

The sub captain will not reveal anything to Doc beyond mention of a Ring of Fire. Realizing that a method of creating volcanoes exists, Doc and Johnny dive down to the sunken sub in search of answers....

Pat Savage, en route to the Pacific, has a dream where she and Amelia Earhart are flying over a volcano and huge glowing figure rises from the lava to greet them....

Doc and Johnny discover a supersonic wave generator—that Doc himself had invented—but tampering with it causes a bomb to explode, Doc and Johnny barely making it to safety. Doc now knows they are facing his greatest enemy....

Pat's plane is brought down on Phoenix Island by some mysterious means and she is brought before the criminal mastermind John Sunlight....  



Peter Silvestro (May 13, 2017)
Comments: Pat Savage recognizes John Sunlight, whose only canonical appearances were in the pulp novels FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE and THE DEVIL GENGHIS which she was not involved in, this suggests further encounters between Doc and his archenemy not yet revealed. Oh, and the scene depicted on the cover--Doc battling bad guys atop a biplane in flight--does not occur in the issue.

Peter Silvestro (May 13, 2017)
Review: Nice issue features the spectacular sequence of destroying a submarine singlehandedly. And it's hard to top that scene until Pat's fiery nightmare. With these two sequences in place, the issue skimps a bit on plot and character—indeed, the only new info offered is that the villain is John Sunlight. He's the last page reveal so we don't get any idea of how the author is handling him; all we get is that he is tall and slender with a craggy face. Next time we'll see what's up with him.

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