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Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire #3 Comic Book

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Chapter Three: Rising Sunlight

Date of Publication
May 2017
Cover Price

Our Rating:
4 stars


David Avallone
Dave Acosta
Dave Acosta
Morgan Hickman
Brent Schoonover
Cover Penciler
Brent Schoonover
Cover Inker
Brent Schoonover
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

On Phoenix Island, Pat Savage has been captured by John Sunlight and locked in a cell with her missing friend Amelia Earhart....

Doc Savage informs the Admiral that the villain is John Sunlight and that he has Doc's Superior Wave Modulator. Doc contacts Renny and Long Tom who are passing through the Panama Canal in the Helldiver submarine, telling them to set course for Phoenix Island. They tell him that Pat flew off on her own....

Pat, meanwhile, uses a caustic chemical concealed in her belt (courtesy of Monk) to burn through the lock on the cell. The two heroines then overpower some guards and take their weapons....

After telling the Admiral that if they do not return in 72 hours to bomb Phoenix Island off the map, Doc and company head for the island in their plane. On the island, John Sunlight greets his visitors, a delegation from the Japanese Empire, who are interested in this new weapon. Sound of gunfire from Pat and Amelia, with the notice that Doc's plane is on the way, compels Sunlight to offer a demonstration of the Modulator. Doc and his men parachute to the island; Doc is separated from the others and is soon surrounded by John Sunlight and his men....



Peter Silvestro (May 29, 2017)
Comments: It is confirmed that this is the third time Doc faces John Sunlight, after the pulp adventures FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE and THE DEVIL GENGHIS; they even wonder how the villain survived their previous encounter. Doc suggests that Sunlight had a double to go to his death, which is the best explanation I've heard for his survival—not that any other comics company bothered to try. And I don't care for that cover, with Doc Savage portraying Grumpy Cat.

Peter Silvestro (May 29, 2017)
Review: This is Dynamite's third use of John Sunlight: he previously appeared in the JUSTICE, INC. miniseries and ALTERED STATES: DOC SAVAGE. Those two stories had him as a fairly normal and not particularly menacing bad guy but here we have hints of the deadly criminal mastermind from the pulps. Tall and thin with sharp features resembling Boris Karloff, he is a commanding presence with a grim intensity, with an apocalyptic scheme to wreck the Pacific Rim with volcanoes as part of his world-conquering ambitions. A cool moment is when Doc trills: this has always been difficult to render on a comics page but they go ahead anyway using a string of MMMMMs at the bottom o the panels where Doc is doing it. I'm really enjoying this adventure, though, as is common with Dynamite, the issues are a bit skimpy but here they have four issues to develop the plot and characters, so it works a bit better than usual.

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