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Doc Savage: the Spiders Web #2 Comic Book

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Date of Publication
January 2016
Cover Price

Our Rating:
4 stars


Chris Roberson
Cezar Razek
Cezar Razek
Dijo Lima
Wilfredo Torres
Cover Penciler
Wilfredo Torres
Cover Inker
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Examination of the dead man found in a tree (last issue) revealed traces of chemicals and plant life that are very uncommon. Doc Savage and Longshot trace it to a deserted factory in California but the place has been cleared out and booby-trapped so that Doc and Longshot narrowly escape an explosion. Study of an incomplete circuit board found there shows that it contains gold from the Valley of the Vanished in Hidalgo. Doc recalls a mission from the 1970s...

...Queen Monja made a clandestine visit to Doc to enlist his help against mercenaries who had invaded her country to steal all the gold they could find. Doc and his team went down there and defeated the enemy troops in a brief gun battle. Doc planted a tracer on a departing helicopter and was able to trail the mercenaries back to their employer—the criminal organization known as Arachne. Doc confronted four of the five leaders of the cabal and dispatched them to the Crime College but Dominic Thorne got away, with some of the gold....

Now it looks as though some of the gold has turned up and is creating a web of connections that they will have to explore....



Peter Silvestro (April 22, 2016)
Comments: Dominic Thorne/Arachne previously appeared in Dynamite's DOC SAVAGE #3.

Peter Silvestro (April 22, 2016)
Review: Another enjoyable issue but they seem to have run into a formula: Some modern adventuring leads to a flashback to an earlier adventure, climaxing (if that word can be used) in a final page of Doc Savage talking to a group. It's a little too early for all the issues to look alike and those endings are hardly designed to make us eagerly await the next issue. I hope they manage to sort out a few of the bugs by issue #3.

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