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Doc Savage (2013) #7 Comic Book

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Doc Savage, Pat Savage.


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Date of Publication
June 2014
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Our Rating:
3 stars


Chris Roberson
Bilquis Evely
Bilquis Evely
Daniela Miwa
Alex Ross
Cover Penciler
Alex Ross
Cover Inker
Alex Ross
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

2014: The existence of Doc Savage’s Crime College is revealed to the public. Former staff surgeon Dr. Thomas Novac exposes the secrets of the Man of Bronze on a national news show and this promises to create a major scandal for the much-admired hero. Novac is then kidnapped by a band of crooks he has reversed the cure on, led by one Stewart Cartwright. Doc Savage learns of this while testing a new jet pack personally. Doc can do this because of the Network—one in ten people worldwide carry Doc’s "Bronze" smartphone and can readily contact Doc’s organization for help, in short, crowd-sourcing emergency response services. But now Doc is brought before the United States Supreme Court to answer questions regarding the ethics of the Crime College. He tries to justify what he regards as a cure for the disease that is crime but the Justices instead see it as a taking away of people’s free will….

Stewart Cartwright, aided by a hacker called Sergei, springs his trap; they have taken control of Doc’s smartphone system and use it to disseminate a high-pitched noise that turns all who hear it into violent maniacs. Doc is immune to this because of a lifetime of training; he manages to rescue his aides Sammy and Axum and rushes them back to headquarters where he shuts out the deadly sound. His staff back to normal, Doc surveys the problem and must stop humanity from destroying itself—because it would be all his fault….



Peter Silvestro (July 22, 2014)
Comments: Stewart Cartwright was the sole surviving cultist in issue #5; his hacker Sergei is the baddie from issue #6, and they are implementing the scheme of the villain from back in issue #1 with a high-tech twist.

Peter Silvestro (July 22, 2014)
Review: So several plot threads from the previous issues come together to present the Man of Bronze with the greatest challenge of his career. The brightest aspect of the story is that we finally have Doc’s defense of the Crime College against modern sensibilities; previous writers usually just raised the issue (to demonstrate their own sensitivity) and glossed over any answer. Here, Doc is unapologetic. Otherwise, the plot is a bit thin and we don’t see much of any one of the aides but that’s been a problem with the series all along, only this time we have the promise of it being resolved in the next issue. I hope it goes well.

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