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Doc Savage (2013) #8 Comic Book

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Doc Savage, Pat Savage.


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Date of Publication
July 2014
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Our Rating:
4 stars


Chris Roberson
Bilquis Evely
Bilquis Evely
Daniela Miwa
Alex Ross
Cover Penciler
Alex Ross
Cover Inker
Alex Ross
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

The world has descended into savagery and violence; people being driven mad by the villains’ hacking of the Bronze smartphone created by Doc Savage. Doc takes his crew to the Fortress of Solitude where he selects a golden ball-shaped device and proceeds with his plan….

It is here revealed the criminals behind this act of terror were overly confident about their ability to shield themselves from the event; they have succumbed to their own weapon and destroyed each other….

Doc’s aide Samantha (the series’ narrator) flies him in a plane higher than even the Man of Bronze has dared to go. He leaps out in a rocket pack and heads toward an orbiting satellite. Meanwhile his other aides are in various locales doing their part of the plan, preparing the technology for the risky move. When all is in place, Doc Savage, from his vantage point in space, broadcasts a message to the entire Earth, appealing to all people to concentrate and fight off the effects of the villains’ signal, pleading with us all not to destroy ourselves…..

The broadcast is a success, people calm down and the tragedy is over. Everyone settles down to the task of recovery and rebuilding after the worldwide disaster, with the Man of Bronze in the forefront. Doc addresses the press as he awaits the court’s decision on the question of his Crime College. Suddenly a message comes in—a massive asteroid is heading toward Earth—and once again, Doc Savage is on the move….



Peter Silvestro (August 12, 2014)
Comments: Some story details passed over in the synopsis: The issue opens with a brief overview of Doc’s career and at the midpoint briefly describes his upbringing and life’s mission. Plus, Samantha is given the nickname of Longshot.

Peter Silvestro (August 12, 2014)
Review: Nice wrap-up but the story still hit the same old snags. The series as a whole had ambitious plans—no one else has ever posited a complete history of Doc Savage from 1933 to the present with a parade of new aides showing how Doc’s organization evolved over time. Kudos to Chris Roberson for giving us a thrilling big picture and for understanding Doc well enough to get it all right—this is toward the top of the line for Doc Savage comics. The problem was in the execution: with the individual issues set in different decades, each one felt too skimpy, with the suggestion of a plot and aides we barely got to know. Some writers—especially Lester Dent, the original Doc scribe— could have done a lot more to make the aides memorable with only a couple of lines of dialogue and a quirky habit; Dent even wrote a guide to “tagging” characters in this way. Another weak point was the art: bland and unimaginative work gave a static feel to every issue, making the stories less interesting than they should have been. I can’t picture anyone coming to this series as their first exposure to Doc and walking away a fan. A shame really, because this is the Doc Savage I’ve known for over forty years: a man of quiet competence, who can handle any situation without bragging, showing off, or mocking himself, a man who know what he has to do and does it. This makes Doc Savage of a piece with my two other favorite literary heroes: the Spirit (Will Eisner) and Captain America. Not heroes who have to drop wisecracks throughout a mission or banter with sidekicks but who have dedicated themselves to the good of the world and others, always striving to improve themselves to better carry out that mission. That is a hero in my book. It would be nice if the miniseries was simply supplying the framework for a new ongoing series but I haven’t heard of anything in the works. Pity.

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