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"Doc Savage Annual (2014 series)" Comic Book

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Along with their Doc Savage series, Dynamite brings us an extra yearly helping of adventures in bronze!

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Doc Savage Annual  (2014 series) #1 cover

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Doc Savage Annual (2014 series) #1


"(No title given)"

Date of Publication:
May 2014

Shannon Eric Denton (Writer), Roberto Castro (Penciler), Roberto Castro (Inker), inLight Studios (Colorist), Roberto Castro (Cover Penciler), Roberto Castro (Cover Inker), Roberto Castro (Cover Colorist)

3.5 stars

New York City 1930: Doc's aides are in two vehicles speeding along a waterfront road, firing (with mercy bullets) on a pair of hydrofoils manned by criminals of the Sea Spider Society. The good guys are trying to stop the terrorists from detonating a bomb in the city. Doc Savage arrives on a motorcycle, machine gun a-blazing, as the villains accidentally sink one of their own crafts. He rides off the end of the pier and crashes into the water. Is Doc dead? No, his Aquo-Aero Bike converts into a mini-sub and Doc leaps off and has it explode, sinking the second hydrofoil. The Man of Bronze then boards the ship and takes out the last crewmen….

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