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Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze, Doom Dynasty #2 Comic Book

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Doom Dynasty: Chapter Two

Date of Publication
July 1992
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Terry Collins
Mike Wieringo
Marcus Rollie
Marcus Rollie
Brian Stelfreeze
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Doc Savage, disguised as a Cossack, rescues his men from the Cossacks but in the melee which follows Dr. Nikola captures Ham and forces Doc to surrender by a threat to his aide. Doc and Ham are suspended by their thumbs while Nikola gloats over his plans to spread a new version of the plague throughout Africa by means of infected apes. He relates how Doc’s grandfather, Colonel Richard Henry Savage likewise interfered with his plans forty years earlier. Col. Savage had forced Nikola’s assistant Li to take him to Nikola’s secret lair, where he learned he had been financing a plot to spread the plague throughout the world.  Nikola then injected Col. Savage with the plague and locked him in a cell. Li came to Savage and explained that she had substituted a simple sedative in the hypo and then gave him a sample of the virus and the only copy of the formula. She revealed that she was the unwilling assistant to the villain and helped Savage escape. His departure was noticed and in the ensuing confrontation, Nikola was severely burned by a chemical fire. An experimental drug based on siliphium healed him and retarded the aging process, allowing him to take revenge on Savage, killing him the day his grandson was born. Now after forty years, Nikola has recreated the formula and unleashes an infected ape on the Man of Bronze. Even with his hands tied Doc manages to kill the ape with a leg hold as Monk and Renny arrive to free them. Doc and his men confront Nikola and his men, with the standoff being broken when Nikola is bitten by his pet cat Hecate, infected with the plague by an embittered Li, following what she learned from the heroic Col. Savage. Nikola dies gruesomely, ending the threat. Doc adds his father’s journal to his private museum, rededicating himself to his father’s ideals of justice. 



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
Additional credits: Cover by Darryl Evans and Brian Stelfreeze. a) Dr. Nikola is the creation of Guy Boothby (1867-1905), first appearing in the 1895 novel A BID FOR FORTUNE, OR, DR. NIKOLA'S VENDETTA; b) Pat is mentioned but does not appear; c) the siliphium herb that Nikola mentions is considered the same drug that Doc Savage uses to extend his life; d) a little tinkering with facts for dramatic effect: Doc’s birthday is given as November 12, 1901; well and good, but it’s also said to be the date Richard Henry Savage died in a traffic accident (the actual date of the real-life adventurer’s death was October 11, 1903), d) issue also includes “Bronze Mail,” a letters column.

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By Peter Silvestro
A brilliant concept, creating a Savage dynasty and positing a heroic grandfather for Doc, is much appreciated by this fan, who has always regarded Phil Farmer’s Wold-Newton universe as an interesting curio and nothing more. The execution, sadly, is somewhat flawed as the whole thing seems too rushed, with the two female characters, Li and Kao, left rather sketchy and the climax too abrupt. A third issue would have given the writer some breathing room, though that poignant ending is ideal. A odd plotting choice is the definite killing-off of another writer’s character which seems a bit…impolite, but then there is no acknowledgement that Nikola is another writer’s character, which seems even more impolite. The art is crisper and cleaner than in the first issue though the new colorist delivers a paler, less vibrant color scheme. The best part is again the cover, which is my favorite of them all, which viewers of this site may have suspected.

Score: 3 (out of 5)