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"Altered States: Doc Savage" Comic Book

End of publication: 3/1/2015

Book Description

Part of Dynamite Comics' mini-event featuring imaginary adventures for several of their top characters.

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Altered States: Doc Savage #1 cover

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Altered States: Doc Savage #1


"Altered States: Doc Civilized"

Date of Publication:
March 2015

David Avallone (Writer), Dave Acosta (Penciler), Dave Acosta (Inker), Adriano Augusto (Colorist), Billy Tan (Cover Penciler), Billy Tan (Cover Inker), Alex Guimaraes (Cover Colorist)

2 stars

Doc Savage is moved to try to discover the origin of evil. To that end, he plans an experiment: he will use a psychotropic drug used by the Mayans to return his mind “to its ancient roots.” The drug will wear off in an hour and while in effect Doc will be strapped to a table and locked in a cage, to be observed by Pat and the aides. Almost instantly Doc is filled with a vision where he is a Neanderthal facing an enemy tribe; he easily snaps his bonds and bends the bars of his cage. With his lightning-quick reflexes he is able to catch the tranquilizer dart fired at him. Doc makes it out of the building and into the woods. Monk, Johnny, and Renny pursue him while Pat, Ham, and Long Tom head to the control room to track him on the range-finder. As Doc’s features are becoming more ape-like he fights off his aides’ attempt to subdue him. Knockout gas is fired at him, causing him to hallucinate that his aides are lizard-men. The Mayan drug wears off so that Doc finds himself trying to strangle Monk; he collapses….

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