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Doc Savage: The Curse of the Fire God #1 Comic Book

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Curse of the Fire God, Part One

Date of Publication
September 1995
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Steve Vance
Pat Broderick
Tom Simmons
Dave Nestelle
Gary Gianni
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Archaeologist Johnny Littlejohn discovers a solid gold Mayan statuette on a dig in the South American nation of Delezon. Shortly thereafter he is attacked by worshipers of the god Kuchulkan and stabbed with a poisoned spear. In New York, a bored Pat Savage appeals to Monk to let her in on Doc Savage’s next adventure; Monk reluctantly agrees, unaware that the conversation has been recorded. Back in Delezon, Johnny awakens after nightmares of fiery serpents to find himself in the hospital, rushed there by his fellow Doc Savage associate Renny Renwick. Renny is in Delezon to help get the country’s oil industry running again, after the disastrous war that ended with the overthrow of the dictator General Vigo. Newly elected President Diaz is negotiating with representatives of European buyers while staving off the threat of revolution from supporters of the late dictator, who may be backed by American oil companies. Johnny’s injuries prompt Renny to contact Doc, who promises to come, to the delight of shady reporter Whitney Wellman. Meanwhile in New York, Monk and Ham’s pets have incurred the wrath of Wellman’s publisher Randolph Robard McFallon, who has pulled strings to get the duo banned from their favorite restaurant. Later, Pat is kidnapped by a fiery presence, and when Doc and his aides head to her salon, they are attacked by flaming serpents, which Doc manages to defeat. A fiery message in the sky warns Doc to stay away from Delezon or his cousin will die.



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
Additional Credit: writer Steve Vance also served as breakdown artist. a) First Dark Horse appearances of Pat, Johnny, Renny, Long Tom, Habeas Corpus and Chemistry; b) Chemistry vanishes from the story after the restaurant scene, suddenly reappearing in issue #3; c) Monk says, “Howlin’ calamities!” the favored expression of Robeson writer Lawrence Donovan; d) yes, that’s a Superman joke on page 14; e) Delezon (with its late leader General Vigo) was originally seen in DUST OF DEATH by Kenneth Robeson; f) Sir Roderick Spode is the name of a character in P.G. Wodehouse’s novel, THE CODE OF THE WOOSTERS; no word on Count Tonelli.

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By Peter Silvestro
The Baumhofer-inspired cover, complete with Street and Smith Doc Savage logo, promises much, even if Doc has a widow’s peak (and by issues 3 and 4 his shirt is torn). After all, they said “Doc Savage done right” which is a big claim to live up to (though I think only DC failed to come close). Anyway, the vibrant art is the major selling point, with the slightly more cartoonish look lending a bit of the old Lester Dent humor to the visuals, and Pat’s introduction is a real knockout. Unfortunately, Broderick gives us the most muscle-bound Doc yet seen, huge and stone-like, and by page 18 he looks like a rival for the Hulk. As for the story, it’s just setting up the situation (with a lot of detail—and it’s a loose sequel to DUST OF DEATH), and there’s not enough to tell yet, we’ll have to see.

Score: 3 (out of 5)