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Doc Savage: the Spiders Web #4 Comic Book

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Date of Publication
March 2016
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3.5 stars


Chris Roberson
Cezar Razek
Cezar Razek
Dijo Lima
Wilfredo Torres
Cover Penciler
Wilfredo Torres
Cover Inker
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Doc Savage has his aides review a cyberterrorism case from 1995 as it has a bearing on the current mystery. Happy and Axum, who were there at the time, fill the others in....

It was Axum's first week on the team and Happy was showing him around Doc's huge operation. That's when the trouble hit: financial systems all over the nation were thrown into chaos, from the largest banks to the smallest accounts, all databases were being wiped clean. The team went to find Doc, who was at the World Trade Center, trying to talk a criminal out of jumping to his death; the kid leaps—and Doc leaps after him, snagging him in mid-air and opening his parachute to float them gently to the ground. The affected banks all had new desktop computers purchased from the same source; Doc traces the processors to a manufacturer in China—one that had recently had a break-in, though nothing was taken. A fingerprint left at the crime scene in China belongs to hacker Andre Hendrix who is now in Ukraine demanding a mysterious object kept at a certain factory. Doc and company capture him and his gang but the factory's owner, American Peter Weaver, insists on the case being handled locally, refusing to allow Doc entry to the building....

Summing up, Pat explains that they never found out what it was that Hendrix was after. Doc Savage arrives and reveals that all these cases are part of a larger web—and Peter Weaver is the one sitting at the center....  



Peter Silvestro (May 16, 2016)
Review: One more issue to see if this all comes together in the end. And that grotesque cover may be the ugliest I've seen on a Doc Savage comic.

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