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Justice, Inc. #2 Comic Book

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Albert Einstein , Avenger, Doc Savage, Enrico Fermi, H.G. Wells, Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, Monk Mayfair, Shadow, Voodoo Master.


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Date of Publication
September 2014
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4.5 stars


Michael Uslan
Giovanni Timpano
Giovanni Timpano
Marco Lesko
Alex Ross
Cover Penciler
Alex Ross
Cover Inker
Alex Ross
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Howard Hughes halts J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, keeping them from examining the airliner from the future, telling them that there’s dangerous radiation about. This allows Doc Savage to meet his younger self, unnerving both men, as well as Monk, Einstein, Fermi, and Wells. Older Doc hastily explains the situation and leaves to take the airliner back to the future, leaving the UQM and the responsibility for fixing the situation here to his young counterpart….

Elsewhere at the airport, Howard Hughes is confronted by the Voodoo Master who intends to shoot him down. Instead Hughes runs but is captured by a mysterious dark figure who turns him over to Voodoo Master….

On the flight to Tibet, Richard Benson excuses himself to go to the bathroom. We see the Shadow, disguised as Lamont Cranston, is a prisoner in the next stall; as he frees himself, Benson returns to find his wife and daughter missing and everyone claims that he was on the flight alone. He is overpowered by the passengers and thrown out of the door, as his wife and child were earlier. The Shadow grabs a life raft and leaps after him but there’s not enough time to catch up with him before they hit a snow-covered mountaintop. Believing Benson to be dead, the Shadow pulls himself out of the snow and makes his way to the secret temple where he learned his secrets from Master Chow Lee. There he relates the story to his sansei who responds with cryptic comments advising him to find Doctor Savage. Dressed as a Shadow-Warrior, he returns to Benson’s body and meets Doc Savage who had followed the tracking device carried by Benson. Assuming the man to be an enemy the Man of Bronze bowls him over but the mystery man projects his thoughts into Doc’s mind and all is suddenly clear. The two men have a tense meeting and are both astonished when the supposedly dead Benson walks up to them….



Peter Silvestro (October 1, 2014)
Comments: This is the third “first meeting” of Doc Savage and the Shadow; the first was in DC’s DOC SAVAGE (1987 series) #17, and the second was in Dark Horse’s THE SHADOW AND DOC SAVAGE in 1995. This version is the rockiest intro with the Shadow being quite hostile; this is the first story to portray Doc and the Avenger together. First appearance of one of Doc’s aides, Monk Mayfair, in the series. Revelation: according to Howard Hughes, Doc always says “Up, up and away!” when taking off in a plane.

Peter Silvestro (October 1, 2014)
Review: The three Street and Smith pulp heroes meet for the first time and this issue presents a faithful adaptation of the origin of the Avenger, only the location is changed to the Himalayas and the Shadow is on the scene. These pages are quite nicely done with a lot of imaginative layouts. And the Doc meets Doc scenes are priceless. Best bit: not only do 30s Doc have normal hair a la the pulp illustrations and present Doc sport the widow’s peak helmet from the Bantam Bama covers but they get a joke out of it and a hint of an absurd story behind it. I’m really enjoying this miniseries and after so many disappointing Docs I felt overdue. Thanks, guys.

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