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Justice, Inc. #4 Comic Book

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Voodoo Master.


Chapter Four: The Island of Dr. Mocquino!

Date of Publication
November 2014
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Our Rating:
4 stars


Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Doc Savage’s Himalayan fortress is assaulted by the ninjas from the Temple of Cobras, turned to serve the two villains John Sunlight and the Voodoo Master! Doc has Monk take the visiting scientists to safely while the Man of Bronze aids the Shadow and the Avenger against the invaders. Dr. Mocquino uses his voodoo powers to force Doc’s security guards to kill one another. Sunlight reveals that he is after the UQM with the secret of time travel to conquer the world while destroying everything dear to the Man of Bronze. There is a free-for-all for possession of the McGuffin which ends up in the hands of the good guys—but Sunlight freezes everyone with a mental blast and snatches the UQM up. He allows the three heroes to leave in their plane before he bombs the Fortress…

Returning to New York, Doc ensures that the rescued scientists are all right. They then split up: Shadow to re-establish contact with his missing agents, Avenger to search for his wife and child, and Doc to trace the UQM. Doc tracks it by its radiation trail to Dr. Tesla’s hotel and heading to the roof he finds John Sunlight in the Shadow’s stolen auto-gyro. The Man of Bronze tries to stop him but the villain sends the hero plunging toward the streets below….

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