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"Doc Savage (2013)" Comic Book

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In 1933, readers were first introduced to Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze. Raised from the cradle to be the pinnacle of mental and physical perfection, Doc Savage travels the world using science and sinews to right wrongs, aid the oppressed, and liberate the innocent. With his team of able associates at their headquarters high atop the tallest building in the world, Doc Savage is tireless in his pursuit of knowledge and justice. Writer Chris Roberson brings Doc Savage from 1933 through to today. And with "Easter eggs" along the way that will help pave the future of Doc, in a story only Chris (Roberson) could tell.

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Doc Savage (2013) #8 cover

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Doc Savage (2013) #8


"(No title given)"

Date of Publication:
July 2014

Chris Roberson (Writer), Bilquis Evely (Penciler), Bilquis Evely (Inker), Daniela Miwa (Colorist), Alex Ross (Cover Penciler), Alex Ross (Cover Inker), Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)

4 stars

The world has descended into savagery and violence; people being driven mad by the villains’ hacking of the Bronze smartphone created by Doc Savage. Doc takes his crew to the Fortress of Solitude where he selects a golden ball-shaped device and proceeds with his plan….

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