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Doc Savage (2010 series) #10 Comic Book

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Doc Savage, Ham Brooks, Long Tom Roberts, Monk Mayfair, Renny Renwick, Ronan McKenna .


Inter Arma

Date of Publication
January 2011
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Our Rating:
3 stars


Ivan Brandon
Phil Winslade
Phil Winslade
Dave McCaig
J. G. Jones
Cover Penciler
J. G. Jones
Cover Inker
J. G. Jones
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

In the fifth year of the War, a band of US Marines are pinned down by enemy fire from a house in a desolate area. An enemy combatant fires a grenade from a launcher at the rock the Americans are using for a shield. Doc Savage snatches the grenade from the air and hurls it back to land before the front door of the enemy base. Rushing over, Doc rams the building causing the weakened structure to collapse. Marine Lieutenant Ronan McKenna receives order to move to a new location in the hot zone, despite being under-equipped. Doc advises him to respect the chain of command, gains his superior’s trust, and work within the system.

As the troops head out, their vehicles are being followed by several cars full of enemies, who open fire on the Americans. Doc Savage leaps from car to car dodging bullets and overpowering drivers. When an enemy car is about to explode, he warns the driver and tells him to escape; this is his first mistake. The driver of the burning car instead rams an America troop carrier killing himself and everyone aboard. Doc, who did not realize the depth of fanaticism among the people they are fighting, frantically tries to rescue someone, anyone, but it is too late….

Later as the Marines are occupying a city, Doc manages to restore the electricity and walks among the populace. Sniper fire nearly cuts him down; he takes the time to gather women and children in a safe building and stops to comfort a boy whose father was killed by the sniper. The Marines assault the building with Doc Savage among them. On the roof, Ronan McKenna sees a sniper taking aim at his Colonel’s helicopter but is too late to prevent the shot. An enraged McKenna hurls the gunman from the roof, discovering at the last moment that the shooter is just a kid. Doc leaps from a window, grabs the falling boy and crashes through the opposite window. Later he tell McKenna that the boy is a prisoner. McKenna tells Doc that he (Doc) doesn’t understand: this isn’t one of his pulp adventures, the only course of action in this situation is to kill or be killed. Doc admits he has made mistakes and humbly asks McKenna for his help….



Peter Silvestro (January 20, 2011)
Comments: The title is an allusion to a quote attributed to Cicero “Inter arma enim silent leges” (In times of war, the law falls silent). Johnny (who joined Doc’s team after the events of FIRST WAVE) does not appear in this flashback issue. There is no Avenger story in the issue. Issue includes a six-page “Special Sneak Preview” of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #1.

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By Peter Silvestro
Well, they heard my plaintive cry in last month’s review and finally Ivan Brandon tells us about the so far vaguely-defined war and explains Ronan McKenna’s relationship to Doc Savage. The War is pretty much the Gulf War, with some fictional alterations and McKenna an ally of Doc with a different take on the fight for truth, justice, and the American way (it’s okay to say that, Doc works for DC now). The debates over ends and means echo the similar differences between Doc and Chip in DC’s 80s Doc series. Problem was, back then the writers were a bit more disrespectful of Doc, seeming to side with his grandson’s view that his methods and outlook were totally outdated. It seems odd to say this in view of Brian Azzarello’s antipathy toward Doc Savage but this issue is perhaps the best depiction of the Man of Bronze this series has had. Note also that Azzarello wasn’t involved in this interlude story. The art is likewise and improvement over the earlier issues.

Score: 3 (out of 5)