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Doc Savage (1988 series) #1 Comic Book

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Fire in the Sky: The Discord Makers, Part 1

Date of Publication
November 1988
Cover Price

Our Rating:
3 stars


Dennis O'Neil
Rod Wigham
Steve Montano
Tony Tollin
Eric Peterson
Cover Penciler

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Monk and Ham relate to a pair of visiting Senators how in 1945 Doc Savage prevented the sabotage of the first atom bomb test, narrowly surviving the blast, and sent the saboteur, Albert Jastrik, to his clinic for a mind-altering lobotomy. After the Senators tour the Fortress of Solitude and meet Doc, one Senator, Combs, plans to recommend Doc for a top-secret mission, while the other, Frinkle, remains convinced that Doc Savage is a fraud. After the Senators leave, Doc receives word that his grandson Chip is in the Himalayas, attempting to rescue a trapped climber. After a miraculous rescue, a giant masked climber appears, throws the rescued man off a cliff and knocks out Chip, taking him prisoner. Meanwhile, Senator Frinkle, writing up his report that Doc Savage should not be invited to monitor the forthcoming nuclear arms treaty, is stabbed to death in his office by a mysterious assailant. Ham arrives at the Senator’s office just in time to be accused of the crime. Later, while Doc and Bo are on a test flight of his new experimental aircraft, a sinister missile is fired at them and strikes with a massive explosion.



Peter Silvestro (February 15, 2010)
a) First appearance of the scrambler laser pistol; b) first mention of Hidalgo by name; c) the Fortress of Solitude is described as being in both Antarctica and near the North Pole; d) Doc’s lobotomy technique is explained for the first time; e) the brief history of the 1940s Doc impostor raises some intriguing question, first of all, was it Bo’s father as mentioned in issue #2 of the miniseries? f) issue includes a letters column and a diagram of the Fortress of Solitude.

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By Peter Silvestro
The first regular issue begins a six-part story arc with a bit of misdirection: the events of this issue look like we’re in for a spy story/murder mystery, perhaps connected with Doc’s Crime College. This is a low-key (apart from the nuclear explosion) opening for a story that will encompass much more but here serves well to show Doc in his apocalyptic 1940s glory and briefly summarize how he comes to be an active hero in 1988. The new art team does well, their style is of a piece with the Kuberts’ but not quite so elaborate. If you liked Adam and Andy, Rod and Steve will serve as well. One advantage to the new artists is that the elderly aides are not portrayed as quite as decrepit as they were in the miniseries (mind, you, they’d have to be close to 100 years old), though Monk with black hair is a problem we thought only Marvel had trouble with. O’Neil still can’t seem to find a use for Johnny and Renny, though. The nice painted cover by Eric Peterson has the feel of the Bantam paperbacks

Score: 3 (out of 5)