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Doc Savage (2010 series) #2 Comic Book

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Avenger, Doc Savage, Ham Brooks, Johnny Littlejohn, Josh Monroe, Mac, Monk Mayfair, Nelly, Pat Savage, Renny Renwick.


The Lord of Lightning: Pitch Black Dead

Date of Publication
May 2010
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Our Rating:
3 stars


Paul Malmont
Howard Porter
Art Thibert
Brian Miller
J. G. Jones
Cover Penciler
J. G. Jones
Cover Inker
J. G. Jones
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Looters are sifting through the rubble of the destroyed Hidalgo Trading Company when Ham Brooks appears and drives them off with his sword cane. He soon discovers an injured Monk in the debris, while Doc Savage and Renny, trapped underwater, manage to push their way through the wreckage to safety. Doc and crew head toward the offices of PSTV, the television station owned by his cousin Pat Savage. There, he asks her to have the building evacuated in event of another attack. A zealous newsman puts a camera on Doc, broadcasting his whereabouts to the world—and his enemies. Pat delays action to interview the Secretary of State via virtual conference link. Doc points out that Secretary Shaw was an old adversary of Doc’s father, who exposed Shaw as a war profiteer. Johnny arrives with a harpoon-like object discovered at the destroyed museum, which may be how the lightning is conducted. Bolts of lightning strike the building and Doc is summoned to the phone to talk a surgeon through the difficult operation on Long Tom’s wife Marlena. The TV station is invaded by soldiers who take down Doc’s aides and Pat; one soldier battles Doc who discovers the man is a disgruntled US Army GI. He blinds Doc with a bright light device hidden in his uniform and flees. Learning that the invaders have kidnapped Monk, Doc pursues them to their dirigible, which is taking off from the roof. The Man of Bronze leaps for the trailing ladder…and misses, sending him plunging toward the street below….


Additional stories in this comic

Worst Nightmare, Part Two: Poker Face

3 stars

Jason Starr
Scott Hampton
Scott Hampton
Daniel Vozzo

By Peter Silvestro

On the trail of the kidnappers of his aide Josh, Richard Benson—the Avenger—questions the homeless man who delivered the ransom note; getting nowhere, he gives the man $500 and sends him out. Nelly is in Hell’s Kitchen, pursing leads to Cynthia Diego, a missing girl Josh was tracking down but likewise gets nothing but unwelcome attention from some pimps (which she handles—with her fists). At the pier where Josh disappeared, Smitty encounters a midget who gives him a description of the men who took Josh away in a speedboat heading for Brooklyn. At this point Josh’s wife Rosy and his brother NYPD detective Steven Monroe arrive and Benson fills them in on the details, demanding that the police hold off while Benson handles the matter. Later, Rosy tells him Josh had been gambling again, with larger and larger amounts of cash disappearing from their bank account. Benson lies and promises that everything will be all right. Realizing the enemy is someone who knows too much about him, Benson sets out to follow that lead, first retiring to his makeup room to adopt a disguise….



Peter Silvestro (May 22, 2010)
Comments: Doc: First appearance of Pat Savage in the series. At the TV station there is a poster for “The Morning Show with Lester and Norma,” a nod to Doc Savage’s creator, Lester Dent and his wife. Secretary of State Shaw is called Marshall the first time he is mentioned. Justice Inc.: Benson is called the Avenger for the first time, and uses disguise for the first time. First appearance of Rosy Monroe and Steven Monroe. Issue includes a preview of GREEN ARROW #1.

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By Peter Silvestro
My primary fear about the first issue has been avoided: the issue is not a fragment of a story as was the first issue but shows that the writer can pace a story and actually have something happen. On the other hand, after the non-stop action scene that was issue one, the slower pace allows us to see that the art isn’t very good, especially in all the oddly-shaped angular faces that change from panel to panel. That will be hard to get used to. The big story this issue is the introduction of Pat Savage, promoted from celebrity beautician to TV news media mogul, in keeping with more modern sensibilities. Unfortunately we don’t see a lot of her personality: she’s a professional, she can fight, she has a slightly jaundiced view of her famous cousin; however, we don’t get the delightful Pat Savage from the original pulps. Maybe soon, sigh. The Justice, Inc installment is much superior in writing and especially art, now that I’ve accustomed myself to the darker grimmer take on the character. This is the series to watch, even though nothing much happens in this issue.

Score: 3 (out of 5)