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Doc Savage (2010 series) #4 Comic Book

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Avenger, Doc Savage, Ham Brooks, Johnny Littlejohn, Josh Monroe, Long Tom Roberts, Monk Mayfair, Nelly, Pat Savage, Renny Renwick.


The Lord of Lightning, Part Four: Bloody Day Dawning

Date of Publication
July 2010
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Our Rating:
3 stars


Paul Malmont
Howard Porter
Art Thibert
J. G. Jones
Cover Penciler
J. G. Jones
Cover Inker
J. G. Jones
Cover Colorist

Comic Book Synopsis / Plot

Written by Peter Silvestro

Marlena Roberts awakens in the hospital asking for her husband Long Tom, but he’s not there. The Doc Savage aide is at home preparing his mini-helicopter to ride to the rescue of his friends….

The disabled dirigible carrying Pat and the rest of the aides is brought to a crash landing in the plaza of the United Nations Building. They look up to see the villains’ craft with the kidnapped Monk reach the Lord of Lightning’s floating platform. There, Secretary of State Shaw (revealed last issue to be the chief villain) explains to Monk that he has been kidnapped as "payment" for the information provided about Doc Savage and he is being taken to the Crime College, which Monk has never heard of, because they need an expert in brain chemistry. Shaw uses an electrified sword to torture Monk while explaining his scheme: he is a member of a secret society of American power brokers who rose to prominence during the War and are now resentful that the public is trusting in adventure heroes like Doc Savage and Batman to protect them. The society has therefore contrived to frame Doc for the recent destruction in New York in order to discredit him….

In the Aegean Sea, the man who slew a Greek millionaire and his guest aboard a yacht has been captured and is brought before his victim’s brother, billionaire Nikos Eurystheus. Eurystheus brushes off the man’s threats and discovers a lobotomy scar on his head. He then snaps the killer’s neck and orders an autopsy to uncover his secrets….

Back on the platform, Shaw orders his crew to prepare the lighting weapon to destroy the UN. Meanwhile, upstairs on the platform, the thug who shot Doc Savage reveals that he deliberately grazed the hero’s skull, since he wanted to continue their battle (interrupted in issue 2). Doc defeats him in a couple of punches and the thug, knocked overboard, chooses to fall to his death rather than be rescued by Doc. The Man of Bronze frees Monk and they set out to sabotage the ship’s generators but they are intercepted by guards, who open fire on them, preventing the heroes from reaching the controls. Shaw gives the order to fire the weapon but to everyone’s surprise the generator shorts out, causing a fire aboard the platform. The explanation: Long Tom has arrived and shut down the capacitor, though he fears his wife will leave him when she learns he left her side to help his friends. Shaw appears and attacks Doc with one of his electrified harpoons, while his guards take on Monk and Long Tom. Renny, piloting the other dirigible, rams the platform, causing the harpoon to recoil and impale Shaw with a devastating charge. Doc tells his assembled team that while the events of this night may be over, they will have to go underground to root out the conspirators against them, and give people a reason to believe in them again.


Additional stories in this comic

Worst Nightmare, Part Four: Make a Wish

3 stars

Jason Starr
Scott Hampton
Scott Hampton
Daniel Vozzo

By Peter Silvestro

In Red Hook, after gunning down Smitty and the boatman, the kidnappers examine Smitty’s ID and find he is another associate of the Avenger; they decide to keep him a hostage too. In Hell’s Kitchen, Nelly returns with Benson to confront Cynthia Diego’s pimp. The two heroes from Justice Inc. beat up the pimp and his thug and rescue Cynthia from the brothel, contacting her parents soon thereafter. She recognizes Josh’s picture but can give no clue as to who might have kidnapped him. Returning to Justice Inc. headquarters, Nelly is confronted by Josh’s brother NYPD detective Steven Monroe who demands to know what is being done to find Josh. At this point the second ransom note arrives, asking for a second million dollars for Smitty. In Red Hook, the more ambitious of the kidnappers elaborates on his plan to betray their employer and keep the ransom, then kill the hostages and abscond to South America. When the timid member of the pair questions the plan his partner kills him. As Richard Benson ponders the mystery he wonders who knew Josh was involved with the Cynthia Diego case and who knows Josh works for someone who can pay a million-dollar ransom—then it comes to him. At Red Hook, the remaining kidnapper heads out to collect the ransom, and calls to notify his boss—Steven Monroe—that he is being double-crossed.



Peter "Doc" (July 24, 2010)
Comments: Monk is an industrial chemist in the pulps; here he seems to be a biochemist. The Doc story contains a passing reference to Batman. Issue includes a five-page preview of GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #1. On the cover, Doc looks like a Bob Larkin portrait of Richard Widmark (the younger generation can Google him) on steroids.

Peter "Doc" (July 24, 2010)
Review: So the four-part “Lord of Lightning” has ended and what do we have? The set-up for more stories. The lead-in to the next story (involving the Crime College) makes sense, that’s just your standard foreshadowing. No, what we get is the implication that most future adventures will tie in to this massive conspiracy which seems to promise more formula than the pulps. Sigh. I hope we don’t get a plethora of “Doc is framed by mysterious villain in high places” tales. We’ll have to see what happens. Meanwhile, the author has Pat Savage in his story and no idea of what to do with her. Typical. On the plus side, Long Tom actually gets something to do.

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